Appropriation Bill Status Sheet

This sheet lists each budget bill, including supplemental funding bills, the next action on the bill or its public act number, current action on the bill, links to the bill and bill analysis, and links to highlight sheets and decision documents. It includes a budget status summary table with actions on General Fund/General Purpose appropriations by budget area.

State Budget Updates

In-depth State budget report and State budget balance estimates

Current Fiscal Year State Budget Data

Tables and charts that show total appropriations, State spending, number of employees by department, Federal revenue, and tax dollars spent

Historical State Budget Data

Tables and charts that show several years of data on total appropriations, State spending, the number of employees by department, Federal revenue, and school funding and spending


Supplementals are appropriation adjustments used to increase or decrease the current-year funding authorization for a line-item appropriation, or to create a new line-item appropriation. Supplemental bills are listed on the Appropriation Bill Status Sheet and are also found in the Year-End Appropriations report.


Transfers are a statutory mechanism that allows the Legislature to move existing appropriation authorization within a specific department. There are two types of transfers: Administrative and Legislative (which include Contingency Fund transfers).

Executive Orders

There are three types of Executive Orders that may be issued by the Governor: 1) directives that establish advisory boards or commissions, or change names or practices within State agencies, and are effective upon filing by the Governor (no legislative action required); 2) orders that reorganize State government and are effective 60 days after issuance (or later) if not disapproved by the Legislature; and 3) orders that reduce State government spending and are effective only if approved by both the House and Senate Appropriations Committees within 10 days of issuance.