Consensus Revenue Documents

Senate Fiscal Agency, House Fiscal Agency, and Department of Treasury consensus revenue executive summary, detail of revenue estimates and year-end balance estimates

Monthly Revenue Report

Monthly reports that track revenue collections for major State taxes and compare to the previous month and year

Revenue and Debt Service Data

General Fund/General Purpose revenue, School Aid Fund revenue, tax rates and yields, Tax earmarks, State revenue limit, State payments to Locals, Budget Stabilization Fund, property taxes, Federal revenue, and debt service

Tax and Economic Topics

Senate Fiscal Agency articles and presentations on Michigan's State and local taxes, and economic issues

Michigan Economic Indicators

Monthly reports that highlight the changes made to the U.S. and Michigan economy, the Michigan labor market, the employment rate for Michigan Metropolitan areas, the CPI, and different sectors of the economy

Michigan's Economic Outlook and Budget Review

Economic and Revenue forecasts for the next two fiscal years in Michigan

Economic and Demographic Data

The Consumer Price Index (CPI), interest rates, motor vehicle information, and automotive sales; Michigan personal income, U.S. & Michigan per capita income, Michigan per capita disposable income, U.S. and Michigan labor force, employment, unemployment, wage and salary employment, productivity, U.S., Michigan, and county population