Why can't I view documents on your site?
Where can I get information regarding the Michigan Senate?
Where can I get additional information about specific State of Michigan departments?
Where can I get additional information on the SFA website about program "X"?
Has the Senate Fiscal Agency written anything about _____?
How do I sign up for SFA email notifications, subscribe to Senate and House meeting notices and check for scheduled committee meetings?
How can I get copies of SFA publications?
How do I find out where a budget/appropriations bill is in the legislative process?
When will the budget be enacted?
Where can I find the bill analysis for a certain piece of legislation?
There is only one phone number provided for the Senate Fiscal Agency (517-373-2768). How do I reach a specific analyst?
How can I find out when the SFA issues a new publication?
How much are the State's tax collections?
What was the latest revenue estimate?
How much revenue does the School Aid Fund receive?
Where can I find the Detroit Consumer Price Index (CPI)?
Does the SFA have any employment opportunities?
The website is not functioning properly; who do I contact?