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School Aid (K-12)

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Senate Fiscal Agency Analysts:

Kathryn Summers
Cory Savino

Michigan State Department Contacts
State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Mike Flanagan, (517) 373-9235 
Deputy Superintendent: Carol Wolenberg, (517) 373-3901
Legislative Liaison: Wendy Larvick, (517) 241-4993
Programs/Issues Covered by this Budget Area
Per-Pupil Funding (Foundation Allowance) Public School Academies (Charter Schools)
Special Education Funding Proposal A
At-Risk Funding Vision and Hearing Screening Funding
School Readiness Program School Lunch and Breakfast
Adult Education Federal No Child Left Behind Grants
Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) Vocational Education

School Districts

MEAP Testing Funding
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Budget Highlight Sheets and Decision Documents
Most recent Highlight Sheet
Current Fiscal Year Initial Appropriations Highlight Sheet
Most recent Detailed Decision Document: Governor, Senate, House, and Conference
Current Fiscal Year Initial Appropriations Detailed Decision Document
Estimated District Impact Under FY 2015-16 Conference Report for School Aid
Most recent Line Item and Boilerplate History
Links to current Department Budget Bills
Other Budget Information
FY 2014-15 Initial Appropriations Report
Basics of School Funding Slideshow
Comprehensive Slideshow on School Funding
Department/Program Data
General Overview
Funding History
Brief Explanation of State Spending for the Michigan School Employees' Retirement System (MPSERS)
School Aid Fund Revenue Supporting Postsecondary and GF/GP Revenue Supporting K-12
Statewide Pupil Membership History
Most Recent Revenue Estimates and Sources for the School Aid Fund
History of the Effective (not Statutory) Minimum, Basic, and Hold Harmless Foundation Allowances Since Proposal A
K-12 Budget Bill Appropriations History
Comparing State Funding for K-12 to Detroit Area Fiscal Year CPI
Sources of Local School Operating Revenues
Each School District's Foundation Allowance History
K-12 Appropriations by Fund Source
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School Capital Expenditure Finance in Michigan - Issues and Alternatives (November 2012)
Update on Michigan School Employees' Retirement System (Fall 2012)
How does Michigan's Kindergarten System Compare with Other States? (Summer 2011)
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Explaining School Choice (July/August 2009)
Public School Enrollment - A Geographical Representation (March/April 2009)
Examining a Change from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution for the Michigan Public School Employees' Retirement System (March/April 2009)
Declining Enrollment: A Continuing Issue (May/June 2008)
School Aid Funding Formula: Further Closing of the School Aid Equity Gap (November/December 2007)
Per-Pupil Funding Gaps and Equity in School Aid (March/April 2007)
The Michigan School Readiness Program And Factors Affecting School Districts' Allocations (August 2006)
The Michigan School Aid Act Compiled and Appendices (Updated November, 2006)
Michigan School Finance Reform: Analysis of the Enacted School Finance/Education Reform Package (October 1994)
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