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Department of Community Health

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Senate Fiscal Agency Analyst: Steve Angelotti
Ellyn Ackerman
Michigan State Department Contacts
Director:  Nick Lyon, (517) 373-3500
Administrative Officer for Operations: Tim Becker, (517) 335-0251
Legislative Liaison: Karla Ruest, (517) 241-1939
Programs/Issues Covered by this Budget Area
Medicaid Crime Victims Services
Mental Health Health Professions
Public Health Aging Services
 For more information on the topics above, check out the following links or contact the Senate Fiscal Agency Analyst.
Budget Highlight Sheets and Decision Documents
Most recent Highlight Sheet
Current Fiscal Year Initial Appropriations Highlight Sheet
Most recent Detailed Decision Document: Governor, Senate, House, and Conference
Current Fiscal Year Initial Appropriations Detailed Decision Document
Most recent Line Item and Boilerplate History
Links to current Department Budget Bills
Other Budget Information
FY 2014-15 Initial Appropriations Report
Department/Program Data
General Overview
Funding History
State of Michigan Infant Mortality Data
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Community Mental Health non-Medicaid Services Funding Adjustments - June 19, 2014
Fiscal Analysis of Governor Snyder's Medicaid Expansion Proposal (March 2013)
Medicaid Enrollment Growth: 1999-2012 (Winter 2013)
The Snyder Administration's Proposed Dual Eligibility Waiver (Spring 2012)
Governor Snyder's Health Claims Tax Proposal (Spring 2011)
Fiscal Analysis of the Federal Health Reform Legislation (April 2010)
Issues Related to a Physician QAAP (November 2009)
An Overview of Community Mental Health Services (January/February 2009)
The Dispute between the Detroit Medical Center and Wayne State University (May/June 2008)
Prescriptions for Cost-Containment: Michigan's Efforts to Manage Pharmaceutical Expenditures (January/February 2008)
The Role of Medicaid Special Financing in Changes in State Expenditure 1991-2007 (January 2008)
A Summary of Quality Assurance Assessment Programs (July/August 2007)
Massachusetts Health Care Reform (April 19, 2006)
Congressional Action on S. 1932, the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (February 2006)
A Review of Medicaid Reform Efforts in Other States (February 2006)
Medicaid Enrollment in the State of Michigan 1999-2004 (March 2005)
Healthy Michigan Fund Appropriations FY 1993-94 through FY 2004-05 (October 2004)
Medicare Prescription Drug Act (December 8, 2003)
Update on the Financial Status of Michigan Managed Care Organizations (February 2001)
Medicaid Funding for Nursing Home Services: A Historical Perspective (June 2000)
Medicaid and the Financial Status of Michigan Managed Care Organizations (May 2000)
Michigan Hospitals and Medicaid: A Look at the Numbers (March 2000)
An Examination of the Impact of Managed Care on Medicaid Provider Revenues (February 2000)
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