Richardville and Senate Republicans unveil fall agenda

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

LANSING—Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, today joined with members of his caucus to unveil the Senate Republican fall agenda. 

“Jobs are at the core of our legislative agenda.  Since taking office in January, my colleagues and I have passed a number of significant reforms to improve the business environment in our state and that work will continue this fall and beyond.  We know that government cannot create jobs, but we as legislators can work to create an environment where business can flourish and job providers can grow and expand their operations,” said Richardville.

The agenda is comprised of four goals: spurring job creation, strengthening education, protecting the rights of citizens and continuing government reform. 

Included under the banner of spurring job creation is reform of the state’s personal property tax which discourages business investment and expansion, as well as legislation to streamline the regulatory process to cut through bureaucratic red tape, and rebuilding our roads and bridges in order to improve access to all areas in Michigan. 

“Just as important as creating an attractive business environment, is preparing our children for the future and providing more education options for students and parents,” said Richardville.  “A highly-educated workforce attracts employers to our state that offer high-paying careers.”

The Senate also plans to make government more accountable, clarify the current medical marijuana law, pass legislation to protect seniors, reform insurance, and end lifetime benefits for legislators. 

Action has already been taken on a package of bills to restore the American dream by increasing penalties for those who prey upon homeowners in vulnerable financial situations and the Senate today passed Senate Bills 160 and 161 to ban partial birth abortions and establish the procedure as a felony in state law.

“We spent the summer in our districts, meeting with constituents, business leaders and local officials about their agendas and have used that information to establish comprehensive and ambitious goals to carry us through the fall and into 2012,” said Richardville.  “There is still much more work to be done and we are all up to the challenge.” 

Senate Republican Agenda
Fall 2011

Spur Job Growth

  • Reform Personal Property Tax
  • Cut Through the Red Tape for Business Growth
  • Rebuild Our Roads and Bridges

Strengthen Education

  • Increase Education Options

Protect the Rights of Citizens

  • Clarify Medical Marijuana
  • Ban Partial Birth Abortion
  • Senior Protection
  • Restore the American Dream

Continue Government Reforms

  • Make Government More Accountable
  • Insurance Reform

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