Welcome to the Senate Reforms, Restructuring, and Reinventing Committee Website

View reform legislationFor nearly a decade, Michigan has been stifled with a historical downturn in our economy. From leading the nation in unemployment to failed government policies intended to generate revenue and turn the tide to economic prosperity, Michigan has been hurting.

Last November, the people of Michigan spoke, electing a new governor and Legislature with innovative ideas to help restore Michigan's economy. We have now entered a new era in Michigan! We need to remove obstacles that get in the way of compromise and innovating thinking. Our current economic and political climates require that the methods of the past be left in the past as we look to new ways to approach governing.

Gov. Rick Snyder and the Legislature were elected on a promise to reinvent Michigan. With that spirit in mind, Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville formed the Senate Reforms, Restructuring, and Reinventing Committee. He then appointed Senator Mark C. Jansen and Senator Patrick Colbeck as chair and vice chair of this very important body.

The committee has been charged with finding ways to implement vital changes and best practices, to restructure government where necessary, and to reinvent the way the state does business. However, neither state government nor the committee itself can achieve these goals without the support and input of the people they serve-the residents of Michigan.

Offer your suggestionsThis is where you, the people of Michigan, come in. This website offers you the opportunity to learn about changes as well as share ideas in the reinvention of Michigan. Here you will find information on upcoming committee meetings, records of recent and past meetings, and-perhaps most important-a page where you can send your suggestions. The links on the right side of this site will take you to the various levels of information.

We hope you find this website informative and useful. Please return often to observe the committee's progress. We hope you will share your suggestions on changing things to make our state once again an unquestioned leader in excellence.

Thank you for your interest in the Senate Reforms, Restructuring, and Reinventing Committee and for your support of the great state of Michigan. With government, business, and private citizens all doing our part, we will succeed.

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