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Available Minutes For Agriculture, May 24, 2016
Minutes Document Bills For Meeting
HB-5050  HB-5051  HB-5052  HB-5053  HB-5054  HB-5055  HB-5059  HB-5060  HB-5392  SB-774  SB-403  SB-727  

Available Testimony For Agriculture, May 24, 2016
Testimony Document Person/Organization Bills For Testimony Subject Pro/Con/Neutral
Ann M. Griffin, Animal Law Section, State Bar of MI SB-403   SB 403 Pro

Ann M. Griffin, Special Projects Manager, MI Humane Society SB-403   SB 403 Pro

Beatrice M. Friedlander, President, Attorneys for Animals, Inc. SB-403   SB 403 Pro

Beth Contreras, Vice President, Voiceless-MI SB-403   SB 403 Pro

Eric Pessell, Director, Environmental Health Division, Kent County Health Dept. SB-727   SB 727 Con

George W. Harding, Executive Director, National Animal Care & Control Assoc. SB-403   SB 403 Pro

Holly Thoms, Michiganders for Shelter Pets SB-403   SB 403 Pro

Julia Willson, President & CEO, Capitol Area Humane Society SB-403   SB 403 Pro

Meghan Swain, MI Assoc. for Local Public Health SB-727   SB 727 Con

Michigan's Political Action Committee for Animals SB-403   SB 403 Pro

Polly Reber, President, MI Distributors and Vendors Assoc. SB-774   SB 774 Pro

Vicki Deisner, Midwest Legislative Director, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals SB-403   SB 403 Pro

Wendy Swift, DVM SB-403   SB 403 Pro