Tentative Senate Agenda - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

House Bills 4177, House Bill 4178, Senate Bill 402, House Bill 4306, Senate Bill 450, and Senate Bill 474 (If Reported From the Local Government Committee) will go all the way to final passage.

Third Reading of Bills:
04 - SB 184 (Gregory) Individual income tax; credit; credit for the purchase of certain housing and for certain home modifications; establish.
05 - SB 415 (Schmidt) Agriculture; other; security measures to combat credit card skimmers; require on retail motor fuel pumps with scanning devices.
06 - SB 434 (MacGregor) Veterans; ombudsman; veterans' ombudsman; provide oversight of veterans' facilities.
07 - HB 4160 (Hernandez) Traffic control; traffic regulation; solicitation of contributions in public roadways by certain nonprofit organizations; allow under certain circumstances.
08 - HB 4759 (Schor) Property; conveyances; transfer of certain state-owned property in Ingham County; provide for.

General Orders:
46 - SB 404 (O'Brien) State; identification cards; fee waiver on state identification cards for veterans; provide for.
51 - SB 353 (Proos) Labor; benefits; mandatory job interview information requirements; prohibit local units of government from establishing for employers.
54 - HB 4177 (Vaupel) Elections; ballots; requirement of political party vignettes being printed on election ballots; remove.
55 - HB 4178 (Canfield) Elections; ballots; reference to party vignette in the Michigan campaign finance act; remove.
67 - SB 402 (Pavlov) Environmental protection; sewage; maximum total grant for municipalities; increase.
68 - SB 409 (Casperson) Natural resources; Great Lakes; use of certain bottomlands for private harbors; provide for.
70 - HB 4306 (Tedder) Vehicles; motorcycles; motorcycle endorsement fee; increase and increase earmark of motorcycle registration fees into motorcycle safety fund.
74 - SB 450 (Shirkey) Businesses; nonprofit corporations; authorization to restructure municipal health facilities corporations; revise requirements.
__ - SB 474 (O'Brien) Land use; land division; conflict between certain plats; resolve. (If Reported From the Local Government Committee.)