Tentative Senate Agenda - Thursday, February 22, 2018

Third Reading of Bills:
009 - SB 489 (O'Brien) Children; other; safe families home; exclude from foster home definition.
010 - SB 490 (Meekhof) Children; other; delegation of parent's or guardian's powers separate from foster care; clarify.
011 - SB 797 (Gregory) Children; other; licensing of organization providing service under the safe families program; clarify.
012 - SB 798 (MacGregor) Children; other; safe families program to allow a parent or guardian to delegate temporary care of minor child via power of attorney; create.

General Orders:
067 - HB 4606 (Lucido) Crimes; controlled substances; provision related to transportation or possession of usable marihuana; repeal.
107 - HB 4888 (Lauwers) Traffic control; traffic regulation; definition of "charitable or civic organization" in section 676b of the Michigan vehicle code; modify.