Tentative Senate Agenda - Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Messages from the House: (If Passed By the House)

__ - SB 242

(Stamas) Economic development; Michigan strategic fund; good jobs for Michigan program; create.



__ - SB 243

(Schmidt) Individual income tax; collections; certain revenues attributable to the good jobs for Michigan program; capture and earmark.



__ - SB 244

(Bieda) Taxation; administration; disclosure of certain information under the Michigan strategic fund act; allow.



__ - SB 332

(Casperson) Traffic control; driver license; requirement of examination regarding existence of certain medical conditions affecting applicant's ability to operate vehicle safely; modify.



__ - SB 402

(Pavlov) Environmental protection; sewage; maximum total grant for municipalities; increase.



__ - SB 474

(O'Brien) Land use; land division; conflict between certain plats; resolve.