Tentative Senate Agenda - Thursday, April 19, 2018

Senate Bill 897 will go all the way to final passage.

Messages from the House:
___ - SB 290 (Robertson) Elections; recounts; recount fee; increase for certain recounts.

Third Reading of Bills:
011 - SB 887 (Brandenburg) Use tax; exemptions; definition of taxable use; modify.
012 - HB 4628 (Rendon) Highways; name; portion of M-66 between M-55 in Lake City and M-72 in Kalkaska; designate as the "Veterans Highway".
013 - HB 4945 (Miller) Traffic control; traffic regulation; prohibition on operation of golf cart on state trunk line highway; eliminate under certain circumstances.

General Orders:
133 - HB 5238 (Griffin) School aid; other; operational improvements for school districts; clarify terms.
136 - HB 5463 (Chang) Health; hazardous products; sale or delivery of nitrous oxide to individuals under the age of 18; provide remedies.
137 - HB 5464 (Bellino) Civil procedure; remedies; prosecuting attorney or attorney general to bring action for certain violations; provide for.
146 - HB 5394 (Wentworth) Highways; name; portion of Business Route 127; designate as the "SPC Robert Friese Memorial Highway".
158 - SB 897 (Shirkey) Human services; medical services; recipient work requirement plan for Medicaid coverage; provide for.